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DOXA FILM FESTIVAL 2016 | April 22

Doxa, the Greek word for “glory,” is the annual student documentary film festival at North Central University. The annual festival is sponsored by the Department of Communication Arts within the College of Arts and Sciences and the NCU Film Collective, the student film club. The Doxa Declaration: “The glory of God is man fully alive.”– St. Irenaeus.

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As the preceding declaration alludes, the mission of the festival is to showcase student films that endeavor to document aspects of God’s glory within the stories and subjects depicted. The Doxa festival provides a forum for NCU student filmmakers to showcase and be rewarded for documentary filmmaking that features unique narratives demonstrating God’s glory in life and mission. Doxa is unique among universities and colleges in emphasizing the documentary short-subject format with a focus on the divine embodied in the human experience. More information on the Festival guidelines and awards is included in the attached information document.

CALL FOR ENTRIES | NCU Student Filmmakers

The annual festival event provides a forum for student filmmakers to develop, discuss and display their vision, as well as provides a venue for the university community and church at large to engage with the storytelling power of the documentary film medium. To register for the festival, complete the online form below. Deadlines for student filmmaker registration is Monday, March 21. Final films are due April 8. Printed registration forms (linked below) can also be submitted to the The School of English and Communication Arts, Attn: Todd Wold. Office 201, Kingsriter Center.

Registration Form  | Guidelines and Information about Doxa