Interviewing Seniors

June 1st, 2023

[MINNEAPOLIS, MINN, Apr. 09, 2023—]

After interviewing three seniors with different majors at North Central University (NCU), they each shared their own personal experiences, advice, and memories. With this we are able to see each students unique perspective despite sharing a common educational institution, all the interviewees offered distinctive viewpoints on their academic journey, allowing an interesting study.

The first individual interviewed was Rachel Burkart, whose major is Youth, Children, And Family Ministry. Rachel has been a student at NCU since 2019

The second interviewee was Madi Olejnicak, a senior majoring in journalism who has also been enrolled at NCU since her freshman year in 2019.

The last interview was with Eli Miller he is a senior pursuing a degree in marketing who has been an NCU student since 2019.

Question 1 – How has your experience been at NCU?

Rachel Burkart:My experience here at NCU overall has been great!”

Madi Olejnicak: “Being a student at NCU has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Originally when I was looking at colleges, I didn’t think it would make much of a difference whether I went to a Christian college or a state school. Now, I look back and realize that North Central was the pinnacle time in my faith journey. During these four years, I re-discovered how incredible Jesus is, met my forever friends, and grew my education. Everyone goes through an identity crisis in college, and I was fortunate enough to examine everything I believe in a safe and loving environment–coming out the other side stronger than I’ve ever been.”

Eli Miller: “It was amazing NCU really changed my life.”

Question 2 – What did NCU teach you?

Rachel Burkart: “NCU taught me how to daily spend time with God and that God can move during any time of our day.”

Madi Olejnicak: “The biggest thing that NCU taught me was how fast life can go. My life flew before my eyes, and in a split second everything changed. My time at NCU taught me how to value the seemingly insignificant moments that become lifelong precious memories overnight.”

Eli Miller: “NCU has changed my life. Not only the connections I’ve made, the preparation for my vocation I’ve gotten, but learning to fall in love with the Lord. NCU has trained and equipped me to be in awe of Jesus in all seasons.”

Question 3 – What would be some advice you would give to someone who is coming to NCU?

Rachel Burkart: “A piece of advice I would give to someone coming to NCU would be to be open for growth! When you come in as a freshman, sometimes you feel like you already have life down or the opposite, but either way, if you come to NCU you’ll experience growth in every area of your life.

Another piece of advice would be to surround yourself with people who will love you and grow with you. The friends that you make here will be forever.”

Madi Olejnicak: “No matter what your background with Christianity is, there will be a moment when you’re laying in your dorm bed, staring at the ceiling saying “God, are you really there? Do you hear me?” You might be a pastor’s kid, a missionary kid, or you might never have gone to church growing up. My greatest piece of advice is this: stick with God. Even when you don’t feel Him, and you doubt your experiences with Him. Even when you cannot see Him working, and you’re angry with Him. Even when it feels as if your life is cascading downward every day from depression, and it keeps getting worse. Keep holding fast to Jesus, keep obeying His words, and ask Him to cast the darkness from your mind and life; your breakthrough is coming. I share this because this was my story, and I watched God bring me out the other side.”

Eli Miller:If I had to give advice to someone at NCU, I would say “Lean in.” Lean into the student orgs, res. life, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. But most importantly, make space for Jesus. Learn what it truly means to make him your everything. NCU is a great space for that. Go to chapel when you don’t “have” to, go to PG, attend life-core. These things will impact your life and lead you into the transformative love that is Jesus. That’s everything.”

After interviewing three senior students at NCU, it is evident that the university has played a significant role in shaping each individual in their academic journey in different ways. For an incoming or current freshman, these unique perspectives can provide valuable insight into navigating your NCU experience. I would recommend reading back at some of the advice because it can serve as a useful guide for anyone not knowing what to expect.

A Recap Of Three Seniors