Hump Day Update

April 19, 2023

NCU students, we at the Northerner know it’s hard to follow anything going on in the news. There are so many different outlets, so many different stories, and it’s hard to even know what is true. We’re here to help! Every Wednesday we’ll have a curated list of news that is relevant (somewhat) to college students at the local, national and international levels. Each topic will have a summary but click on the link to read the full story. News made easy by your friends at the Northerner.


Beware Turtleboy

A man with the Facebook name “Turtleboy Duluth” has been making threats against the police. He allegedly has swords, crossbows, and explosives that he plans to use if threatened himself. Police arrested a man yesterday, but the investigation remains open.

The Flood Warning is Actually Valid

Don’t ignore the flood warning your weather app is giving you because it’s real. Major highways are already closed with more expected to be closed with the coming rain showers. Click on the link for a list of highways and roads that are currently inaccessible.

Weedy Legislation Situation

The time for legalizing marijuana is here…maybe. The bill will go a vote in the House this coming Monday. The Senate is also making headway with the bill and is expected to be voted on before May 22.

Minnesota’s New Area Code

There’s a new area code in town, or at least in southern Minnesota, 924. The current area code, 507, will have run out of numbers by 2025, so this is in preparation for that.


Driveway Shootings

Kaylin Gillis was shot and killed when she drove in the wrong driveway this past weekend. This was right before teenage Ralph Yarl was also shot and killed after he rang the wrong doorbell yesterday morning. Both shooters are being charged in varying degrees.

War Against Rats 

New York City’s newly appointed ‘rat czar’ Kathleen Corradi is planning to take care of the rat problem in the streets of one of the U.S. biggest cities. These problems included infestations in restaurants and on the streets. New Yorkers are backing Corradi’s position and hope for some change. 

Toddler Intruder

A toddler now holds the title of the smallest (and youngest) person to break into the White House. Officers caught the toddler crawling through the outside gates before they returned him safely to his parents.


Russia Ukraine Update

After over a year of war, Russia and President Vladimir Putin seems like there are no plans to call a cease-fire. This article has a video that gives a helpful graphic to show the timeline of Russia’s torment of Ukraine.

Woman Lives in Cave Alone for 500 Days

Beatriz Flamini, extreme mountaineer, just emerged from a cave that she had been living in alone for the past 500 days. The article does not exactly give a reason as to why Flamini choose to do this but Flamini gave a statement upon her exit: “When they came in to get me, I was asleep. I thought something had happened. I said: ‘Already? Surely not.’ I hadn’t finished my book.”

India Crowned Biggest Nation

Just today India has passed China as the most populous country in the world at 1.428 billion people. China remains at a close second with 1.425 billion people. The U.S., while at third, is heavily behind at 340 million. Indonesia places fourth and Pakistan fifth. 

No More Password Sharing

In 2022, Netflix had paid-sharing tests deployed in three countries to stop password sharing and because the tests went so well, they launched in Canada, New Zealand, Spain and Portgual earlier this year. Now, Netflix plans to do the same to the U.S., letting account holders pay additional fees if they share the password.

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