Hump Day Update

April 12, 2023

NCU students, we at the Northerner know it’s hard to follow anything going on in the news. There are so many different outlets, so many different stories, and it’s hard to even know what is true. We’re here to help! Every Wednesday we’ll have a curated list of news that is relevant (somewhat) to college students at the local, national and international levels. Each topic will have a summary but click on the link to read the full story. News made easy by your friends at the Northerner.


Brooklyn Park Shooting

There were three gunshot victims found alive in the Brooklyn Park area yesterday. After further investigation, the police arrested six people who were in the nearby houses. This case is still open, awaiting more information on the shooting itself.

More Snow on its Way?

We know this is the news you definitely want to hear on an 80-degree Wednesday, but we at the Northerner want to prepare you for a possible snowstorm this weekend. Read the article for an in-depth forecast.

80 Degree Day & 80s Music

In honor of Minnesota’s first 80-degree day of the year, WCCO celebrated with an 80’s music playlist. You can listen here. They also shared their 70’s music playlist on Monday which you can listen to here.

U of M Founding Board Committed Genocide 

The TRUTH Project (Towards Recognition and University-Tribal Healing) reported that the U of M’s founding board of regents “committed genocide and ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples for financial gain, using the institution as a shell corporation through which to launder lands and resources.” Tribal leaders have affirmed that the university is making amends for these actions by offering lower tuition to the affected tribal members. 


Leaked Pentagon Documents

53 documents were leaked from the Pentagon mostly surrounding China and intel the U.S. has on the country. This intel includes China’s weapons and naval activity as well as China’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war. So far there is no concrete proof China is even involved or aiding Russia, but these documents show that the U.S. is investigating.

Americans Survive the Drug Cartel

A group of Americans was kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel on their way to medical treatment. The cartel potentially mistook the group for Haitian drug smugglers. After questioning and torture, the Americans that survived were delivered to a shack where they were rescued. The cartel gave out an apology letter and handed over five of their men to the authorities.

College Swimmer Attacked by Trans-rights Activists

Riley Gaines, Kentucky collegiate swimmer who raced against Lia Thomas a transgender individual, was attacked by trans-rights activists after she spoke out about transgender people in women’s sports. Gaines is threatening to pursue legal actions against the college police.

High Prices Won’t Go Away

While inflation is hovering around 5%, experts say the high prices won’t be going away anytime soon. The inflation rate has been caused by the post-pandemic, the Ukrainian war and the ever-increasing job market. The costs will be lowered but only very slowly throughout the year.


Being a Billionaire is Hard

Elon Musk says that owning Twitter has been “quite painful.” Musk took control of Twitter last year and has made many changes to the app, including cutting the entire communications department, which was something that “needed to be done” according to Musk.

Myanmar Airstrike

The Myanmar Military launched an airstrike on a village that housed an anti-coup militia. There have been 80 bodies found and more are anticipated to be found. There have been at least 600 air attacks by the Myanmar military from February of 2021 to January of this year. 

AI Broadcaster on the News

Kuwait News announced the hiring of their new AI broadcaster, Fedha (the picture ‘woman’ to the right). There are other news outlets in China that have done the same thing. These news anchors do the same thing as a human news anchor would do…or do they?

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