Hump Day Update

Hump Day Update Graphic
March 15, 2023

NCU students, we at the Northerner know it’s hard to follow anything going on in the news. There are so many different outlets, so many different stories, and it’s hard to even know what is true. We’re here to help! Starting today, every Wednesday we’ll have a curated list of news that is relevant (some what) to college students at the local, national and international levels. Each topic will have a summary but click on the link to read the full story. News made easy by your friends at the Northerner.



If you have a car on campus, then you’ve felt the wrath of the Minneapolis potholes. You might’ve even named some of them by now. Never fear, there is a plan to fix these little pests, but that plan has to unfortunately wait until spring, when the free-thaw cycle stops. Until then, the road crew will temporarily fix the potholes with an asphalt-gravel mixture.

Prior Lake Student Standing Up

Eden Alemu, student at Prior Lake High School, along with her classmates are participating and even leading demonstrations, education, and frank conversations about racism and how it affects people of color. Alemu is standing up for herself and inspiring others to do the same.

Free Breakfast & Lunch

“Being hungry makes learning almost impossible.” This is a quote from Sen. Heather Gustafson who is the lead author of a Minnesota bill that just got passed that provides FREE breakfast and lunch to students no matter their income level.


Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Over the weekend, Silicon Valley Bank in California lost a lot of money which caused people to pull out of the bank and caused this big domino effect. The government called an emergency Zoom call to come up with a solution to the lost money. The article linked explains the problem using very helpful graphics!

Covid Company Accused of Defrauding US Government 

Zishan Alvi, co-owner of a Chicago laboratory, was accused of taking money from the US government that was supposed to pay for COVID tests. Alvi is also accused of lying about test results. While we thought that COVID was over, it seems like there is much more to discuss.

California Flooding

Flooding strikes many California cities as rivers are overflowing mixed in with huge amounts of snow. The weather is expected to clear within the day leaving Californians in hope of a quick turnaround. 

Swift City

In light of Taylor Swift’s tour, the city of Glendale, Arizona is temporarily changing its name to Swift City. Real hard-hitting news. This change will only last two days, potentially until another artist comes into town?


The Oscars Highlights

If you missed the Oscars or didn’t even know it had happened, here’s (in summary) what happened. The film, Everything Everywhere All At Once, basically stole the show. The film and it’s actors/actresses won a total of seven awards. For all the highlights, click on the link.

Ukraine Updates

A U.S. drone was taken down by a pair of Russian fighter jets. Russia claims the drone downing was the fault of the U.S. while the U.S. blames the Russians. Russia said they would work on retrieving and returning the drone.

Save the Kangaroo!

This is a happy story for your Wednesday. A couple of boaters save a baby kangaroo who was stuck in crocodile-infested waters. Click on the link to watch the video!

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