Five Free Online Learning Tools You Need in Your Bookmarks!

January 25, 2023

College can be an incredibly stressful time in life. Juggling 5 classes with alternating due dates should be a task in itself! Thankfully, there are free, helpful resources online to help you get organized, and streamline your efficiency. Check out these five, free online learning tools you need in your bookmarks! 


Trello is an incredible organizational tool with free membership available to students. Similar to Pinterest boards, Trello allows you to organize your tasks by category (classes) as well as due dates. Trello even sends you email reminders when an upcoming task is approaching! When it comes to project management, Trello is the way to go. (Especially because you can assign members of a team to your group project needs!)

Natural Readers 

Natural readers is an online service that reads essays, discussion posts, or other writing copy out loud. If you’ve been staring at your essay for 3 hours and still can’t figure out what sounds right, try this tool!

Easy Bib 

You’ve likely heard or used this source before, but it’s worth mentioning. Have an APA or MLA paper coming up and you’re a little fuzzy on the format rules? Check out Easy Bib! If you’re stressing about citations or works cited pages, this site helps navigate the waters with you. It even generates APA and MLA citations for free!


This tool is pretty self-explanatory but nevertheless helpful. Whether you’ve got a discussion post or a 10-page essay, this word counter is for you. It also features free spell-check. 


Hippocampus is an interactive website designed to help college students learn difficult STEM subjects like chemistry, biology, and advanced math through helpful, free videos. The website design itself isn’t much to see, but the content is excellent. 

Download #1 and transform your organization today!