Fighting Sex Trafficking, One Stroke at a Time

May 22, 2023

The Event

The Renew Hope Golf Tournament – A golf tournament aimed at raising funds to combat sex trafficking within Minnesota is set to take place on August 3rd, 2023. The event, which is being organized by an organization called Renew Hope, will take place at the amazing Tanners Brook Golf Course in Forest Lake Minnesota and will bring together golf enthusiasts and advocates in the fight against sex trafficking.

The Knowledge

Sex trafficking is a crime that affects individuals of all ages and backgrounds, predominantly women and is a large issue in Minnesota. With the goal of fighting back against this problem, the golf tournament seeks to raise funds that will be used to support organizations that provide assistance and care to victims of sex trafficking. The event also has the goal of raising money to fuel Renew Hope’s very own efforts to create a facility that is able to house former victims of sex trafficking. By providing these individuals with the necessary support and resources, Renew Hope strives to create a safer and more secure future for those affected by this terrible crime. “It’s a great day of golf but a really great day of comradery… It was so amazing to see people come together to fight against this cause,” said Chad Goehring, the leader of Renew Hope and this event.

The golf tournament will feature a range of exciting activities. First of all is the tournament, where participants can play with a card of their choosing to go for the top prize, which is yet to be revealed. There are also raffle prizes and tickets can be purchased upon entrance to the event. In addition to the golfing activities, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about sex trafficking within Minnesota and the important work being done to combat it.

The People

Renew Hope and event attendees have also expressed their hope that the event will not only raise funds to combat sex trafficking but will also raise awareness of the issue and encourage others to get involved in the fight. They are calling on all golf enthusiasts and advocates to attend the event and support this important cause. 

“Once I learned what a big problem sex trafficking was internationally, let alone in Minnesota, I knew I could never stop educating people because most people believe that it’s just a third world country problem when it’s happening right here in our own backyard,” said one 2022 event attendee.

The golf tournament aims to be an exciting and inspiring event and one that has the potential to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by sex trafficking within Minnesota. To find out more about the tournament or to purchase tickets, please visit the event website.

The Program

Renew Hope is an organization that has assumed the task of fighting against sex trafficking in Minnesota. Led by Chad Goehring and Julie Good, Renew Hope holds events, tournaments and other fundraising efforts that strive to defeat sex trafficking as much as possible. Renew Hope also owns the Amborella House, a facility that will soon house and rehabilitate sex trafficking survivors. Details on the status of Amborella House can be found at Renew Hope’s website, which is linked above. Renew Hope is an effective resource that educates people, supports victims and battles for those affected by this heinous crime.

Join this Renew Hope fundraiser and join the fight against sex trafficking in Minnesota.