Experiential Learning: Faculty Interview With Dr. Gail Weinhold

August 11, 2022

Beginning in late November of 2021, classes from North Central’s College of Arts and Sciences allied together and created a lineup of faculty interviews. Three comm arts classes including Public Relations, Intro to Digital Media, and Video Production 2 gathered to direct and film faculty interviews. These interviews are now used for promotional purposes, website content, and social media.

The following interview was conducted with North Central’s Dr. Gail Weinhold, Director of Faculty Development and Professor of English and literature. For seven years, Dr. Weinhold has been helping students flourish into their callings. Education majors in specific have been able to glean wisdom and grow in their faith under the guidance of Dr. Weinhold while at North Central. Over the years, Weinhold has taught classes such as British Literature, Education internships, First Year Experience, and Content Area Literacy.  She is passionate about equipping students for their field of work, especially education majors.  

Watch the interview below!

"(As an education major) You'll have more than 140 field experience hours even before student teaching!"