Everything You Should Know about Miller Hall

October 11, 2022

Miller Hall is home to 200 NCU women and from my very first year of college at North Central University, I have lived in Miller Hall (MH). So yes, this will be biased. But my opinion will be woven together with lots of general information that all women at NCU should know about MH.

Read on for information that covers the cost difference between MH and Phillips Hall (PH), general details you should know and information on each individual floor. 

Cost Differences between Miller Hall and Phillips Hall

Believe it or not, MH is slightly cheaper than living in PH. PH has a flat rate, double room option that costs $2,500 a semester. MH has a variety of room choices: single, double or multiple room. The single MH room costs $2, 570, the double room costs $2,440 and the multiple room (3-4) costs only $2,235. 

MH’s costs are a little lower than PH, especially if you stay in a multiple room. So team up with 2-3 friends and get a multiple next year if you want to save a little money. 

General Details About Miller Hall

But what is included in living in MH? What should you expect? Here is a list of MH furnishings in each room:

  • Internet (wireless and wired)
  • Bed (with extra-long twin mattress)
  • Dresser
  • Desk/Chair
  • Closet space
  • Window blinds
  • A bed lofting kit is also available upon request

However, the biggest downfall of MH is its lack of air conditioning. During the first couple of weeks of school, it can be sweltering when it’s in the high 80s. Thankfully most rooms have huge windows that you can push all the way open and put in some big box fans.

Each floor in MH includes a lounge, a few prayer rooms, and of course, floor bathrooms/showers and one laundry room on the fourth floor. If you are skeptical about the bathroom situation, I will say the housing staff at NCU does a great job at keeping the bathrooms and showers pretty clean. Thankfully there are multiple showers to pick from if some aren’t as clean as others. 

The first two floors of MH make up offices, classrooms, security, the mail room and computer labs, a very convenient and short walk down the stairs from your dorm room. This hall is 100% girls only and can therefore foster great friendships with other women through floor events, hall events etc.

Information on each floor of Miller Hall

The third floor of MH is where I am currently staying this semester. The halls have very high ceilings which make the hall feel very open and airy. This is the floor most returning MH girls end up on at some point because it is a very central floor with a great social atmosphere. 

The fourth floor is known as the freshman floor, specifically four South. The hall ceilings are a lot shorter and have a more cramped feeling. The benefit of the fourth floor is that the laundry room is on it, which is also where you go to wash your dishes. I lived on floor four last year, and it was very convenient to have the laundry room right down the hall. Just a tip: room 430 is a huge, spacious multiple that I lived in last year and would highly recommend. 

The fifth floor, and the final floor, is where I lived my very first year of college. It is highly secluded and has fewer rooms than the other floors. The hall is strangely divided down the middle because of a classroom, which makes the floor feel even smaller. It is the only floor that has carpeting down the hall. If you like a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, the fifth floor is for you. 

All in all, I have loved living in MH because of the spacious halls and bathrooms, how community-focused it is and the friendly atmosphere that fosters so many great friendships.

Again the only downfall is the air conditioning, but we can look past that right? 

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Women of NCU, is Miller Hall for you?