Subzero Escapades

February 20, 2023

Imagine if you will, walking outside from Phillips Hall, maybe Miller, Carlson, or the beloved Orfield apartments and find yourself being slapped in the face with negative 10 degree temperatures. The brave soul that you are, you venture to your car, obviously too cool to wear a winter coat, and find yourself without a clue on how to spend your free Saturday. What a tragedy! Cold and coatless, you hop inside your dangerously old vehicle and drive along the shrinking streets of Minneapolis, packed on each side with exorbitant amounts of snow. Do not fear! You can cease googling your ideas now. Let me share with you a few ways to spend your carefree college days in the winter months of Minneapolis! 


1 | Even though it is flippin’ cold outside, taking a hike on a sunny winter day can be absolutely breathtaking and refreshing! There are some great hikes in the area within a variety of settings to explore. From urban walks to fabulous hikes that will immerse you in God’s good creation. 

2 | An evergreen hobby I have grown to delight in over the years is thrifting! Minneapolis has some great hole-in-the-wall thrift stores you will love, all the while supporting local businesses. 

3 | Try a new coffee shop! This can be a great urban adventure. Who knows, you might find yourself a new favorite study spot. Try NCU alumni’s nonprofit Mocha Momma’s near the downtown library.

4 | Another wonderful and life giving activity is volunteering! This is a great way to get plugged into the heart of the city and learn what it’s needs truly are. 

5 | Explore the city and take a look at the special winter activities offered on Minneapolis events page

6 | One of my personal winter favorites is seeing a play at the Orpheum theatre!

7 | No matter your budget there are amazing restaurant options all over the city just for you! This can be a great social experience with your friends while trying a new delectable food and a novel atmosphere. 

8 | Try a new cultural experience by visiting the Midtown Global Food Market or the Hmong Village. Also, one of my favorites!

9 | Check out the iconic Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

10 | Minneapolis is full of wonderful art! Visit the Minneapolis Art Institute or one of our great museums


A few other great things to do in the area is check out the 1950’s style theater called Riverview or Minnesota Nice and Sebastian Joe’s ice cream parlors. For additional information and ideas check out the MeetMinneapolis website. Have fun exploring!  

Exciting Winter Activities in Minneapolis