Daunte Wright Memorial to Stay​

March 25, 2022

After miscommunication with the Brooklyn City officials, the family of Daunte Wright, a black man who was shot and killed by former police officer Kimberly Potter, are relieved and encouraged to hear that Wright’s memorial will not be removed. The memorial placed on the sidewalk of 63rd Avenue and Katherine Drive is a sacred place to Wright’s family as they often visit the area to feel a connection to Wright.

The memorial is mainly composed of the large brown fist that was originally placed at the George Floyd memorial. The fist is surrounded by flowers, signs, and provides room for people to continue walking on the sidewalk. Brooklyn Center Mayor Michael Elliot is in full support of the memorial staying right where it is. “This had come to symbolize so many of these killings of Black people in America,” Elliot said. “It is a sign of empowerment.”

For the future, the Wright family and city officials are working together to create a permanent memorial in Wright’s honor.

Katie Wright, mother of Daunte, told the StarTribune that she and the family are holding a candlelight vigil on April 11 at Wright’s memorial for the one-year anniversary of his death.

The memorial for Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Square is not to be touched according to city officials.