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Just a Glimpse—What makes Christmas my favorite time of year

It’s early morning and I rip open the blinds to see the freshly fallen snow covering the tree limbs outside my window. I peek out my door to see if anyone else is awake and what do I hear? Starbucks coffee brewing in the kitchen while Nat King Cole blares from the stereo, singing of the chestnuts roasting on the open fire. Decked in flannel, I dash down the stairs to find my mother excitedly waiting for everyone to wake up. The time had come. Christmas morning was here.


Senior Speaks Out—A sound off to all chapel-skippers

Senior year has come—finally. We are now supposed to be on our own and making good decisions for ourselves. But the truth is that we don’t have to do these things on our own. We have a God that desires to show us the path He has laid out for us. One very practical thing we can do to help keep focused and a clear mind (especially about our future) is to actually attend chapel.



Abbreviations have engulfed my vocabulary. And I’m not just talking about the usual text-speak words like: “lol,” “jk,” “btw,” “brb,” etc.

I’m talking about shortening words down to a single syllable, such as: super to “supes,” marvelous to “marv,” totally to “totes,” hilarious to “hil,” stupid to “stupe,” precious to “presh,” best friend to “bestie,” and that’s just to name a few.

Abbreviations are my latest “obsession,” if you will, and hearing other people use them brings me great joy. They are a constant source of laughter in my life, and who doesn’t love to laugh?


Cross-Cultural Caf Staff: The story behind the faces

What is your reaction when you notice how privileged your life is compared to another’s? Do you force those thoughts out of your mind, or do you chalk it up to the fact that everyone has their own troubles to bear? Do you slip them a five dollar bill and then go on your way, feeling pleased because you evened life’s playing field by a whole paper Abe?

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to interview five of our cafeteria workers, who are Ecuadorian immigrants. They all agreed to sit with me over their one o’clock lunch hour and share their life experiences, which I was more than eager to do.


The Legendary Brett Favre—A Minnesota Viking?

When I think of Brett Favre these words come to mind—athletic, unstoppable, an amazing quarterback. Before he came to play for the Minnesota Vikings this season, I didn’t consider the Vikings a team worth following, although back in the glory days of Randy Moss, I couldn’t help but get swept up in the excitement.

I always thought that Brett Favre was overrated and just full of himself. When I heard the coach for the Vikings, Brad Childress, had been talking to Brett Favre a lot about coming to play for him, I was honestly upset because we don’t need a guy like him on our team and, in my eyes, he was washed up. And why would he want to come play for his long time rival team?


Slurp this.

[A response to ‘Slurp your salary.’]

I’m a coffee snob. I’ll admit that right out. Working at a coffee house will do that to you. Whether it’s an independently owned store like The Beat Coffeehouse, or one of the coffee conglomerates such as Starbucks or Caribou, you’re bound to learn a thing or two about coffee. It was working at Starbucks for nearly three years that made me the fan of coffee that I am today.

Being someone of sufficient coffee authority—yes, I actually HAVE tasted coffee—I have made a list of tips to help reduce that stress on your wallet (and your waistline).


Hardcore Parkour

Would you consider yourself as fight or flight? Or if the very idea of fight, and or flight, which is the negation of fight, all in all deems the whole predicament as plightful, how then would you evade a precarious circumstance, but slither away unbruised by the mental anguish of fleeing?


Slurp Your Salary?

Mmmmm…Starbucks! If you are anything like me, then you love going to get a drink from this wonderful place. It’s so nice when my roommate and I can take a break and go get something delicious to drink. Now, I have never actually tried coffee, but I love the smell of it. I prefer non-coffee drinks, such as the Strawberries and Crème, or the creamy white hot chocolate.


Tweet tweet!

Twitter. The name in and of itself is truly ridiculous. Dubbed as the latest in time-wasting devices, Twitter has been the topic of intense interest and ridicule alike. When I first heard this silly little word, I thought to myself, “dumb” and moved on. But as time went on and a few friends were integrating into the Twitter community (and yes, I do believe it is, in fact, a community), I found myself thinking, “If I had a twitter, I would…” Fill in the blank. I was making up statuses in my head—how lame is that? Don’t answer that.