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NCSA Organization: Delta Kappa

BY BROOKE HANES Delta Kappa has been such a blessing to my heart. It has been a catalyst for the Lord to continue to shape my heart for the ministry He has planned for me, even once I leave North Central. I want every woman on campus to truly understand the intricate value they have,...


NCSA Organization: Prayer

By MIKE TAYLOR and BRANDON GILLIAM Prayer Team Directors Not many people at North Central know of the existence of the Prayer Team, and if they do they are either on the team or they think that Prayer Team is just a bunch of highly spiritualized prayer fanatics. The truth is that we are a...


NCSA Organization: Youth Committee

By LUKE TEMTE Youth Committee Director I was once told by a good friend that I should do the things that I thought were impossible. This same friend died of cancer at the age of fourteen a few weeks ago. His name was Viktor. Reflecting back on our times together, I remember the late nights...