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Foodservice Feedback in Action

By AMANDA BREISTER Staff Writer Have you ever taken a cafeteria survey and wondered afterwards if your feedback even matters? Although everyone’s specific concerns cannot be addressed, attempts are made to implement changes based on student’s comments, according to those involved in conducting the surveys. Pioneer College Caterers, North Central’s food service provider, initiates providing...


Tattoos and Piercings

By DANIEL ERICKSON Staff Writer Christians are encouraged to boldly share their faith—but does this extend to literally wearing the gospel on their sleeves?   NCU has been renowned for its emphasis on community and spirituality, and the characteristics of these aspects of culture are slowly changing.  Tattoos and piercings in particular are a trend...


Army Students

By AMANDA BREISTER Staff Writer The North Central student body includes students who are currently enlisted in the military as well as those who have previously been enlisted in the military. These students have all joined the military for different reasons, and their unique life experiences are crucial pieces of our NCU community. Senior pastoral...


This Week *February 6-10

For many, the highlight of “The Week” was the highly anticipated “NCU’s Got Talent.” From dance to a Celtic quartet, the students at North Central showcased on Friday night why they are called “clearly superior.” However, music seemed to be the crowd favorite with all three top prizes going to musical groups.

Band member Freshman Youth Ministry major Tyler Kreiner and his friends went 90s rock in the talent show this year.

“We just wanted to have fun and rock out like its 1996. We did it to have good time and hopefully get some laughs from the audience,” said Kreiner.

The audience was not the only ones laughing and enjoying the music, as the judges awarded Kreiner, junior biblical studies major Julian Flores, freshman recording arts major Luke Krist and sophomore music performance (drums) major Zach “Happy” Hawes first place for their band, “Kreed”’s rendition of the 90s classic “Higher” by Creed.


Black History Month

This month is Black History Month, the one month a year when we all celebrate the many achievements of African Americans throughout U.S. history. Ever since 1976 our nation has celebrated the contributions of African Americans to our country. Black History Month was implemented by Former President Gerald Ford

to begin recognizing and recording the amazing acts of African American men and women throughout the nation.

One of the primary activities built around this event occurs in the classroom. Black History Month is a great opportunity to educate our youth about our nations history, and some of the amazing people that played roles in making our country what it is today. In high schools and middle schools all across our nation students are educated about the fact that regardless of background or skin color, anyone can make a lasting, positive impact with their life. Examples like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and W.E.B Du Bois will stand as marvelous examples for the youth of our nation.

Another primary point of this occasion is to show how far we have come as a nation. Forty years ago our country was blinded by our own ignorance, and the idea of Black History Month would have been laughable. The existence of this month shows exactly how grand the achievements made by the African American community. Had it not been for the strong and courageous individuals that stood for what was right in that time, we might not be able to celebrate black history.


Steven Krist Movie

“REAL is slightly less ‘Christiany’ than a lot of Christian media out there,” said Krist. “North Central viewers who aren’t Fireproof fans and don’t like Courageous might find it slightly

more palatable.” Krist encourages students to consider the film for their

church, “With all sorts of connections to pastors and people becoming pastors,” said Krist. He hopes that churches will use the film as an evangelistic tool to reach their communities.


Mitt Romney’s Presidential Race

“If you can’t tell the truth as a candidate for president, how can the country possibly expect you to lead as president?” Gingrich said about Romney - in regards to the attacks he has

launched against Gingrich, following a debate in Florida. According to The New York Times, and as of January, 2012,

President Barack Obama has raised over $151 million for his re-election campaign. Romney has raised $63 million.


Healthy College Living

“I love cinnamon rolls; I can’t get enough of them,” said sophomore sports management major Kyle Kendall. “I would eat them all day, but in order to become healthy I had to give them up. I also have to limit my soda intake and work out regularly, usually in the fitness center.”

“When I am training for soccer, I don’t eat a lot or sit around all day. I eat salads and healthy foods and like to go to classes at the YMCA. There are many different classes offered there; you just have to find the right one for you,” said senior sports management major Noelle Stordock.


Venture to Volunteer

Junior Urban Development major Valerie Massmann has been volunteering with Urban Ventures since this past December. Her Urban Studies class had visited the faith based non-profit located at Lake and 4th St S. and soon afterward she got involved with a desire to help them achieve their mission of “building and strengthening the community.”