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Study Afar

“The Lord placed this opportunity smack dab in my lap. I'm glad I am willing to take hold of it and see what He has in store,” said Kirk.

There are also two more study abroad opportunities in the spring semester. One group will travel to Bangkok, Thailand, through a program known as APSAI (Asian Pacific Student Abroad Initiative), and another to Xi-An, China.


Graduate Classes to Launch in Jan. 2013

Dr. Susie Brooks was recently hired as the dean of graduate studies. Originally from Kenya, Dr. Brooks has come a long way to North Central. Before being hired, Dr. Brooks worked for Bethel University helping develop their doctoral and MBA programs.

Dr. Brooks has been working hard preparing the graduate program. Current proposed courses include spiritual leadership, global leadership, leadership strategies, strategic planning and interpersonal management.


In the Business of Motherhood

By ELIZABETH NORMAN Staff Writer In the rush for summer job placement, one of the most tried-and-true areas to find work is in the field of nannying. Junior business administration major Grace Riley recalls her summers of service to three children from the ages of eight to eleven. Her duties included staying with the children...


A Rustic Encounter

Five days in a rustic cabin infused with the warmth of a wood fire. This is where the Ninedays Prayer Team spent their week praying for Ninedays field ministry teams and growing closer with each other and the Lord in the woods of northern Wisconsin.


Asia Through a Cultural Lens

By BETSEY NORMAN Staff Writer The Ninedays: Asia team this year saw the city through the lens of a bustling coffee shop as well as a plethora of other metropolitan experiences. Good food, new friends, and relational ministry made for a week of cultural excitement. Along with spending time in the shop, the team of...


Student with summer plans

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes the opportunity for adventure. From overseas missions to dream internships to simply making some money, NCU students are ready for a new chapter in their lives.