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A “Fantastick” Production

The lights dim, everyone is seated in quiet anticipation of the spectacle that will captivate and entertain hundreds over the next eight performances. In a flash of light, colors, and sounds memories will be made and an experience will be shared. Soon the illusion that is “The Fantasticks” will make its 2009 debut. This one-of-a-kind musical blends comedy, melodrama, romance and disturbing situations to take the audience on a journey into a world only one step away from reality.


Full wardrobe, half the cost

It is a month into yet another school year which means your summer paychecks have paid for (in no specific order) your: monthly Ram Plan bill, textbooks, groceries, residence hall t-shirts, shampoo, suite décor, late night McDonald’s runs, toilet paper, and maybe even tithe at your church, leaving no spare cash for your fall wardrobe. But fear not, discounts are in sight! One of the perks of living in downtown Minneapolis is easy access to a plethora of inexpensive stores to meet all of your shopping needs.



“Broken in pieces” are the words used to describe what Brianna Dornbusch has been feeling for the North Central community as she begins her journey as the new Entry Director.


Adah Tibbetts

As most North Central students know, Business professor, Bill Tibbetts’ young daughter Adah went through a huge heart surgery this past year and is now in recovery mode. It all began when Adah was diagnosed with restricted cardiomyopathy. The only cure for this disease is a heart transplant, and even that is not a permanent cure.


Food that’s close to home

The food is greasy. There’s almost nowhere to sit. The only music comes from a radio playing loudly in the back of the kitchen. And yet, my trip to The Band Box restaurant was one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in my almost two years of living in downtown Minneapolis.