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Senior Athlete Spotlight

It’s coming to the end of a season, and for several athletes at North Central, it is their last semester playing sports. Several key players graduating this year answered some questions about their experience at North Central, goals they have for their last season, and future plans once they leave college.


NCU Race for the Presidency

Passion for community. Obedience to God’s will. Experience in leadership. United, these factors form the basis of North Central’s upcoming student body elections.

Ian Stachowicz and Katrina Schiferl
Chosen as NCSA President and Vice President


Cross Country’s excellent run

The 2009 Ram’s cross country team headed to Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio to compete in the NCCAA National Competition on Nov. 14. The competition ended the season with victories for both the men and women’s teams. For the first time in its history, North Central, which is Division II, placed eighth overall, beating many other Division I schools, as the Nationals race pits both Division I and II schools against each other.


A “Fantastick” Production

The lights dim, everyone is seated in quiet anticipation of the spectacle that will captivate and entertain hundreds over the next eight performances. In a flash of light, colors, and sounds memories will be made and an experience will be shared. Soon the illusion that is “The Fantasticks” will make its 2009 debut. This one-of-a-kind musical blends comedy, melodrama, romance and disturbing situations to take the audience on a journey into a world only one step away from reality.


New PSEO students hit the books at NCU

High school students across Minnesota are getting an early jump on the college experience through the PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) program. North Central sponsors 61 PSEO participants on campus. Another 68 students attend North Central’s satellite program for PSEO, the Y.E.A.H. (Youth Educated At Home) Academy in Roseville, Minn. The Academy is staffed by North Central adjunct faculty and offers students the opportunity to take North Central PSEO courses at the Roseville location.


The perils of illegal downloading

According to the University of Rochester, 80 percent of Americans view stealing a DVD from a store as a serious crime. At the same time, 40 percent of Americans view downloading movies illegally as a serious crime. But there is no difference between these crimes. Illegally downloading a DVD or a CD from the Internet is the same as snatching the DVD or CD from a store.