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Full wardrobe, half the cost

It is a month into yet another school year which means your summer paychecks have paid for (in no specific order) your: monthly Ram Plan bill, textbooks, groceries, residence hall t-shirts, shampoo, suite décor, late night McDonald’s runs, toilet paper, and maybe even tithe at your church, leaving no spare cash for your fall wardrobe. But fear not, discounts are in sight! One of the perks of living in downtown Minneapolis is easy access to a plethora of inexpensive stores to meet all of your shopping needs.


Your Turn: Intramural Edition

A cold Saturday morning. Franklin Park. The brisk air is filled with the shouts of students cheering the name of their floor. Some players wear cleats and UnderArmor; others, simply shorts and a t-shirt. However, all are united by the belt they wear with a colored flag attached at each side. With all of the sports played at North Central, whether it's baseball, soccer or basketball, no sport gets quite the level of involvement that Intramural Football does. Cuts, scrapes, bruises and stitches; North Central students endure it all for the love of the game. And with 18 teams composed of the finest men and women North Central has to offer, team spirit is a necessity. Here's what some students had to say about their team:


Tweet tweet!

Twitter. The name in and of itself is truly ridiculous. Dubbed as the latest in time-wasting devices, Twitter has been the topic of intense interest and ridicule alike. When I first heard this silly little word, I thought to myself, “dumb” and moved on. But as time went on and a few friends were integrating into the Twitter community (and yes, I do believe it is, in fact, a community), I found myself thinking, “If I had a twitter, I would…” Fill in the blank. I was making up statuses in my head—how lame is that? Don’t answer that.


Food that’s close to home

The food is greasy. There’s almost nowhere to sit. The only music comes from a radio playing loudly in the back of the kitchen. And yet, my trip to The Band Box restaurant was one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in my almost two years of living in downtown Minneapolis.


Neighborhood students receive tutoring at Mansion

Every Monday and Tuesday North Central welcomes neighborhood students from varying ethnic backgrounds into its Mansion for tutoring sessions with North Central students. From 4:45-6 p.m., tutored students receive help with homework and emphasis is also placed on sharpening their reading skills. Students who read at least 20 books receive prizes for their achievement. The sessions end with art projects and games.


WCCO anchor visits communication arts chapel

Mike Binkley, a television news anchor for local CBS affiliate WCCO, was the guest speaker at the communications department chapel on Feb. 18. After speaking of his journey to faith, Binkley explained the importance of being a Christian voice in the news media and that diversity in the newsroom should include race, gender and people of faith.