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Money Column

By JESSIE TRAUDT Feature Editor When I hear people throwing pity parties about not having money, I admit, I’m usually pretty skeptical. It’s my nature to question, so when I hear someone make a claim like this, my brain usually starts ticking. If you were inside my brain at that moment, my thoughts would probably...


To Be or Not To Be

By JAKE VON ARX Opinion Editor We have heard the phrase a million times: ring by spring. Although it may not feel like it, the Spring Equinox is less than a month away, and with it comes proposals aplenty. With the stressed emphasis on marriage here, there is only one thing keeping us from such...


Four Months in Advance

In February I want to change my eating lifestyle like that of a vegetarian. Also I want to go with out drinking Starbucks coffee for a whole month. Now, you need to know that I have a large enough obsession with their coffee that I budget out money each month for it. I’m sure my body will go through caffeine withdrawals. Along with changing my eating habits and getting rid of my coffee addiction, I should follow the trend of health and add a fitness goal of trying to run five miles with out stopping. I need to invest in a personal trainer, or have someone yelling in my ear pushing me to keep going.


Double Duty

The first is being adamant about scheduling time for each other. It seems silly to think that it would be difficult to find time to spend with the person who lives with you and sees you everyday. But in reality that person is often taken for granted. We work hard to avoid falling into this rut by creating quality time with one another. We enjoy going to dinner and movies like any other couple, but our favorite thing to do together is enjoy the outdoors (specifically camping, biking, and disk golfing). Every night we take turns praying out loud for one another, which has been the biggest thing that has strengthened our marriage.


How to Save More Money

I was raised as a thrifty individual who was always on a budget and always looking for ways to extend those funds, whether by working more or creatively stretching the money that we did have. What I learned from that is whether we feel secure with our finances or find ourselves constantly struggling, it is our duty to be resourceful and organized with what we’ve been entrusted.


Season of Gift Giving

With that said, let me spit some hot fire of truth at you: while I won’t go so far as to say that “relationships suck;” the process of getting into one does. It’s expensive, time consuming, and mostly just a waste of time; especially around this time of year.
What do you do when you’re courting a girl, and the topic of a gift exchange arises? Let me get this straight, I’m supposed to try and pick out a gift for you, even though “I really don’t have to?”


Deceitful Divas

I am unable to recall the last time I experienced a day without rumors. Recognizing our community is smaller in setting and how that may propel the amount of shared secrets I am exposed to is not surprising. Honestly, the fact that I experience a minimum of five exaggerated rumors daily from various community members leaves me with troubled feelings. I will openly admit I have crossed this boundary in which I am speaking about, and I am not proud of those moments, but in general our community as whole needs to resist the urge of participating in these gossip fest sessions. What if, we gathered intimately around a deli table to hear about the latest testimony?


A Letter from the Editor

By RUEBEN PRIETO Editor-in-Chief Last Monday, I received a phone call from a friend to join them in attending Tyler Perry’s production, The Have and The Have Not’s; the performance would occur at the Orpheum Theatre located in downtown Minneapolis. The Have and the Have Not’s is a story about two families that experience a...