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Dear Readers – November

“What are you doing after graduation?” That is the question I hear most in my life. I heard it once before when I was in high school, but this time I do not know what to answer. My first response was easy: “I’m starting this fall at North Central University in Minneapolis.” But now that I’m leaving this place, where will I go next?


Dear Readers,

Do not rely on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to help you form your own view of each candidate. Although it may be hard to filter out all the political comments from the people you follow or who show up on your news feed, read with caution.


Countdown to G-Day

73 days till graduation. Everyone and their mom have been asking me what my plan is after I graduate. Sparks note version: I am moving to Colorado where I will be searching for my big girl job.


Getting Down to Earth This Summer

By JESSIE TRAUDT Feature Editor I’m planting a garden. When I was a kid in Nebraska there were a few summers that my mom and I would take care of a garden together but it was her thing more than mine. I was the fair weather gardener between us two, only being present to put...


Let It Go

I’ve caught spring fever. Sitting down to write even a measly 250 words seems like an impossible feat when I’m gazing wistfully out my window at games of Frisbee, girls catching a few sun rays, and bikers speeding by.


A call to action

Have you ever been to Elliot Park? Now that the weather has warmed up, the park is becoming more populated with students and community members.


A Fresh Cup of Water Daily

Never again will I go with out meat for a whole month. I am embarrassed to say that I did not make it two weeks before I caved and had some chicken. It was difficult to discipline myself to change my eating habits. One thing I would do differently next time I decide to make a lifestyle change, would be to do more research on the topic.
I will confess, I only worked out once the whole month. If only Jillian Michaels was screaming in my ear every day telling me to run harder and to eat more green.