Golf clap for Dean Goodwin

If you’ve stepped onto the floor of Two West Phillipps this year, you might have noticed a picture on the wall showcasing a strapping blonde youth playing quarterback for the former 1 West Men’s Intramural Football team. Who is this young man? None other than North Central’s own Dean Goodwin. And while he might be a decent quarterback, the sport where the sophomore Sports Management major really shines at North Central is Golf.

New PSEO students hit the books at NCU

High school students across Minnesota are getting an early jump on the college experience through the PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) program. North Central sponsors 61 PSEO participants on campus. Another 68 students attend North Central’s satellite program for PSEO, the Y.E.A.H. (Youth Educated At Home) Academy in Roseville, Minn. The Academy is staffed by North Central adjunct faculty and offers students the opportunity to take North Central PSEO courses at the Roseville location.

Tweet tweet!

Twitter. The name in and of itself is truly ridiculous. Dubbed as the latest in time-wasting devices, Twitter has been the topic of intense interest and ridicule alike. When I first heard this silly little word, I thought to myself, “dumb” and moved on. But as time went on and a few friends were integrating into the Twitter community (and yes, I do believe it is, in fact, a community), I found myself thinking, “If I had a twitter, I would…” Fill in the blank. I was making up statuses in my head—how lame is that? Don’t answer that.

North Central boosts job networking with CareerWire

Job placement is a staple of many colleges and universities, and North Central has recently implemented a new way for students to navigate the job searching process through the use of the NACElink Network. North Central has used NACElink as a foundation to customize another version available from the Student Success Center known as CareerWire. This is a resource for students who are concerned for their future careers and want to begin networking and making themselves available for employment immediately.

Life After the Oscars: from Millionaire to Mumbai

From Slumdog Millionaire to just plain slumdog. By now most have either seen or at least heard about the movie that won Best Picture of the Year, as-well as seven other Oscar awards. However, I would venture to guess that while the majority of the world watched the Oscars, oohing and ahhing over the adorable Indian children who played major roles in Slumdog, not so many people kept up with their lives after leaving the red carpet behind.

Food that’s close to home

The food is greasy. There’s almost nowhere to sit. The only music comes from a radio playing loudly in the back of the kitchen. And yet, my trip to The Band Box restaurant was one of the most enjoyable I’ve had in my almost two years of living in downtown Minneapolis.

Neighborhood students receive tutoring at Mansion

Every Monday and Tuesday North Central welcomes neighborhood students from varying ethnic backgrounds into its Mansion for tutoring sessions with North Central students. From 4:45-6 p.m., tutored students receive help with homework and emphasis is also placed on sharpening their reading skills. Students who read at least 20 books receive prizes for their achievement. The sessions end with art projects and games.

WCCO anchor visits communication arts chapel

Mike Binkley, a television news anchor for local CBS affiliate WCCO, was the guest speaker at the communications department chapel on Feb. 18. After speaking of his journey to faith, Binkley explained the importance of being a Christian voice in the news media and that diversity in the newsroom should include race, gender and people of faith.

The perils of illegal downloading

According to the University of Rochester, 80 percent of Americans view stealing a DVD from a store as a serious crime. At the same time, 40 percent of Americans view downloading movies illegally as a serious crime. But there is no difference between these crimes. Illegally downloading a DVD or a CD from the Internet is the same as snatching the DVD or CD from a store.