College students usually find themselves in a constant state of disillusive lack of desire, drive, and motivation. We get tired beginning mid to late October and do not wake from this coma until Christmas break. The weight of projects, tests, quizzes, presentations, papers, and busywork all start to amass as we see the end (of the semester) in sight. Alas, all of the other portions of our life (work, church, ministry, relationships) all tend to take a hit in this uphill climb to the end of the year. How must we combat our desires to buy a one-way ticket to XYZ and indefinitely define our education as a “work in progress?” Simple: here is a top ten list.

Ninedays 2010: Minneapolis

While the majority of college students around the country are planning their big trips to Florida, California, Mexico, or other tropical locations, North Central students have other agendas in mind. Ninedays has typically consisted of mostly overseas missions over the nine days of spring break, but this year there is a twist—all of the missions are going to be located in Minneapolis.

Christmas Craziness

Christmas is the time of year where words like peace, joy, love, noel, and family show up on every card and decoration. We like to think that those words describe the Christmas season for us, but for most, those are merely just words.

Just a Glimpse—What makes Christmas my favorite time of year

It’s early morning and I rip open the blinds to see the freshly fallen snow covering the tree limbs outside my window. I peek out my door to see if anyone else is awake and what do I hear? Starbucks coffee brewing in the kitchen while Nat King Cole blares from the stereo, singing of the chestnuts roasting on the open fire. Decked in flannel, I dash down the stairs to find my mother excitedly waiting for everyone to wake up. The time had come. Christmas morning was here.

A Christmas classic returns to the Guthrie

Thirty-four years after its original debut at the Guthrie Theater, “A Christmas Carol” returns to the stage for the annual Christmas season run. For those familiar with the play, one of the biggest changes to this season’s production is the condensing of the play into one 90-minute act without an intermission. But that doesn’t detract from the production at all.

Skip the cookie, grab the grapefruit

You’re in line at the deli and the time comes for that important decision: which sides to get with your fried chicken sandwich. Do you go for chips and a cookie, or maybe a banana? Or should you dare to go uber healthy and select both veggies and a side salad? The answer to all of these questions is—no! You should instead opt for a grapefruit.

A worldwide revolution

“The church doesn’t exist to meet our needs; we exist as the church to meet the needs of those around us.” This is just one of the many charges brought about by the I Heart Revolution. What started as the simple vision of a worship leader from Sydney, Australia, is slowly becoming one of the largest social justice movements in the world.

Christmas on a budget

The semester is coming to an end, and Christmas is just around the corner! It’s the time of year for colorful lights, perfectly wrapped packages, and the smell of pine trees. It is also the time of year where people may blow their budgets; so hopefully this article will give you some helpful tips on saving money, as well as some neat gift ideas that cost less.

North Central art exhibit

Students looking for an opportunity to showcase their artwork or wanting to view different forms of art will soon find the perfect occasion at North Central. From Jan. 11 through May 3, 2010, the Library will be hosting an Art Exhibit where North Central students can display their artwork and observe other students’ exhibitions.

Jazz night to feed the hungry

Seward Church is dedicated to “Treasur[ing] Jesus by loving each other and our neighbors,” according to the church’s website, www.sewardchurch.org. To that end, they hosted the second annual Jazz Night to stop hunger on Nov.14.