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Wi-Fi Outages Continue

NCU continues to experience Wi-Fi outages, keeping students struggling to turn in homework Throughout the semester, students and faculty have noticed a continuing problem with the Wi-Fi. Multiple times this semester, the Wi-Fi has gone out, leaving people frustrated as they are unable to finish their work.  Although Wi-Fi outages have happened on campus in...


NCU Installs New Card Readers

Card readers are installed and updated to improve functionality Beginning in Spring 2019, students began to find that their ID cards weren’t working to unlock the outer doors of North Central University’s buildings. The issues with the card readers began in February and has continued into the fall  semester.  The system that the readers used...


Provost Tucker Steps Down

Provost Don Tucker has left his position thus beginning the search for a new provost The position of provost at North Central University opened in July when Don Tucker, who served in the position for four years, resigned. 17 days later a team was formed to find potential candidates for provost. Greg Leeper has stepped...