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This is The Northerner’s mission:

1. To report relevant campus news.

It is the goal of The Northerner to report what is happening on campus, as well as to report on issues that are relevant to the lives of its readership—the North Central University campus and the Elliot Park community.

2. To give students a forum in which to discuss current events.

The Northerner can be the voice of the student body at North Central.  As such, a variety of stories and a diversity of voices should be evident in its pages.  The focus will be on events and issues which affect the North Central community.

3. To provide students an opportunity to gain professional-level skills in writing, interviewing and editing, as well as news and web design.

Students working on The Northerner gain opportunities to sharpen skills related to the fields of journalism, communications, digital media and photography. Because this organization is led by students who are still learning, we value your feedback. Email us at ncunortherner@gmail.com with questions or comments. The adviser of the organization is also available at jkheide at northcentral.edu.