5 Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis

January 5, 2023

Living in Minneapolis, MN, a constantly evolving city, having a list of current/go-to coffee shops is essential. Here you will find trendy, safe, kid-friendly/dog-friendly, peaceful, and fun coffee shops.  If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and you’re looking for a sit-down coffee shop that you could take your dog to, this list of current coffee shops is for you.

Here are the 5 best Minneapolis Coffee shops to go to if you’re looking for somewhere family-friendly, trendy, and that make some beautiful latte art. 


FRGMNT has it all. Located in the North Loop on 729 Washington Ave N., it checks all the boxes. This Minneapolis coffee shop is suitable for lounging, studying, and sipping your amazing cup of coffee. The coffee shop itself is very trendy, with a unique but simple interior design and a fireplace that is very Instagram-worthy. They partner with local and international roasters, so their coffee beans are specially chosen for quality and flavor.  Can you bring your sweet dog? YES, YOU CAN! This coffee shop is dog-friendly. In addition, this coffee shop is a safe place to go, so safe you could bring your mom.

Still not convinced? Check out their Instagram and website for more information.

2. 7 Corners

This Minneapolis Coffee Shop prides itself on ethical coffee, using beans that can be traced straight back to the farm they came from and working with international roasters to bring coffee drinkers the best flavors. 7 Corners value community, so when you go to this local coffee shop you can expect it to be family-friendly. There are plenty of tables and booths to meet with friends, and mentors, to study, or even for meetings. This coffee shop also offers 3 flavors of Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream! However, their coffee alone is worth gathering over. P.S. If you like the color yellow, this is the place to go. Check out their Instagram and Website for more information.

3. Wesley Andrews

Are you looking for a small, beautiful coffee shop for some quiet time amid a busy life? A shop that is endearing and beautiful? This one’s for you. This local coffee shop in Minneapolis seeks to contribute small amounts of beauty to your everyday life. Wesley Andrews works with upstanding farmers to ensure quality coffee. 

If you love plants, and brick walls, with a modern, wooden farmhouse interior design, you will love this beautiful little Minneapolis coffee shop. 100% family-friendly, and 100% great coffee, perfect for studying, reading, or sipping with friends. 

Wesley Andrews also has a beautiful Instagram aesthetic that everyone should check out here. And for more information, check out their website.

4. Dogwood

One of my personal favorites – if you are looking for a trendy coffee shop with bold colors and bold flavors, this is your coffee shop. 

Here is a quote to get a feel for their vibe: “We like imagination, devotion, black hoodies, and 90’s R&B. Dogs are our preferred companions, washed our preferred coffees, and gratitude our preferred posture.” So yes, dog-friendly!! They put a lot of care into every worker that comes into play, the farmers of the beans, the roasters, the delivery man, and their employees. They have many tables and booths for studying, working, or just hanging out.

Their espresso is to die for and so is their Instagram aesthetic. They have a lot of info on their website so take a look for more information.

5. Segue

This coffee shop is probably one you’ve never heard of before, but it is worth trying out. This Minneapolis coffee shop is seated by a small, private university and has students studying at all times. It’s the perfect place to go with your friends and it’s 100% dog-friendly. 

Not only do they make amazing coffee but they also serve Nordic waffles, paninis, and lots of soups. They have a very colorful aesthetic and love supporting small artists. You will find cool artwork available to purchase by local artists or even just to look at. Segue actively supports the Elliot Park Neighborhood Community they are a part of, bringing a light in the community. Check out this local coffee shop, I promise you’ll love it.

Whatever you’re looking for in a coffee shop, I hope you found it. These local coffee shops are the perfect places to study, hang out, drink great, ethical coffee, and feel safe. Check out these places and comment on which one you loved!

“I’m a coffeeholic on the road to recovery- - just kidding I’m on my way to the Coffee Shop” - Darynda Jones