Historic Drake Hotel in Elliot Park Neighborhood Burns to the Ground

On christmas morning The Drake Hotel went down in Minneapolis, Minnesota due to a spreading fire that took place near the hotel. About 250 people were forced to evacuate out of the hotel and to a safer location.

The Drake Hotel 416 S 10th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404, served as a temporary shelter for the homeless people around Minneapolis. Ever since the destruction of the hotel, the police are still on investigation for the cause of the fire. Instead of trying to save the 93-year-old-hotel, the city ordered that the structure be destroyed.

The fire department believed that fire started on the second floor in the apartments next door to the Drake Hotel.
“This damage and the partial collapse of the structure made it impossible to access and identify the exact point of origin,” said Minneapolis Fire Department Investigator Larry Oker.

“Through witness statements, fire movement, intensity patterns, and fire growth rate, the investigators at this time have not discovered anything that would indicate that the fire was intentionally set.”

The residents of the Drake Hotel were forced to scatter and again seek temporary housing. According to the Star Tribune, some people are now at a hotel in Bloomington. Others are staying at the First Covenant Church in downtown Minneapolis, and others have found housing on their own.

Some of the former residents of the Drake Hotel started to protest saying that they should be given money raised for them directly.

Former resident Victoria Jones who has been living at the Drake since November stated, “If they would actually just evenly take those funds the Minneapolis Foundation has received and split them between families, we can go find housing.” $480,000 has been fundraised to help the residents that were affected by the hotel fire.

The west side of the Drake was the only part of the hotel that remained untouched during the fire. The city county decided to leave the west side of the hotel standing until it’s not stable anymore to stand on its own. Until then that is the only remaining part of what was once the Drake Hotel.