Drinking and Snapping: Students caught in alcohol violation after sharing party video on SnapChat

A group of students who shared pictures of themselves drinking alcoholic beverages at an on-campus party have prompted administrators to move two students to different halls. 

The party was held in a men’s suite in Phillipps Hall. In a shared Snapchat video, nine men and women can be seen together drinking out of clearly-labeled bottles in the suite. A student who saw the post reported the party to student development officials. 

North Central is a dry campus, as are several other colleges in the Twin Cities. As is common for universities with roots in their Evangelical heritage, drinking alcohol is also not allowed off campus.

In their mission statement, North Central makes it known that they uphold biblical standards for its students along with anyone else working at the school. North Central’s Student Information Guide and Code of Conduct states that “cultivating physical and emotional wholeness in all areas of your life is central to the academic experience” and also that “gambling, profanity, possession or use of alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana, nonprescription drugs, and abuse of prescription drugs are all prohibited both on and off-campus.” 

Crown CollegeThe University of Northwestern, St. Paul, and Bethel University, all have similar policies.

As a result of the mid-semester breach of conduct, two of the nine students, a man and a woman, were kicked out of Phillipps Hall and allowed to pick new rooms in Carlson and Miller, respectively. The students both moved into rooms that were “doubles,” but previously only occupied by one student. The resident students gaining new roommates did not have a say in the matter, and later said they were frustrated by the situation.