Wi-Fi Outages Continue

NCU continues to experience Wi-Fi outages, keeping students struggling to turn in homework

Throughout the semester, students and faculty have noticed a continuing problem with Wi-Fi outages. Multiple times this semester, the Wi-Fi has gone out, leaving people frustrated as they are unable to finish their work. 

Although Wi-Fi outages have happened on campus in the past, this semester seems to have surpassed most previous semesters. The head of operations did not comment on the issue. 

“It has affected everyone on campus because we are all piled up with homework and projects that need to be done and turned in.” Eliza Eckert, a junior Elementary Education student said. 

Students have to resort to other means of turning in their homework.

“When the Wi-Fi is down or slow, I try and use my own data, but even that is slow and inefficient.” Eckert said. 

The Wi-Fi affects students, especially students living on campus because they rely on it to turn in their homework. Many professors have resorted to pushing due dates back until the Wi-Fi is back up, however, this can mess up the pace of the course, leaving the class behind.