Provost Tucker Steps Down

Provost Don Tucker has left his position thus beginning the search for a new provost

The position of provost at North Central University opened in July when Don Tucker, who served in the position for four years, resigned. 17 days later a team was formed to find potential candidates for provost.

Greg Leeper has stepped into the role as the interim chief academic officer. 

The position of provost is crucial to academics and includes many responsibilities, such as overseeing college deans, advising the president on academic issues, ensuring that the school adheres to state and federal regulatory requirements, and overseeing the hiring of new faculty members.

Led by Andrew Denton, the provost search team consists of Greg Leeper, Bill Tibbetts, Allen Tennison, LaToya Burrell, Gail Weinhold, Todd Monger and Aimee Robertson. Applications for the position were accepted until Sept 15. 

The tasks of the search team are to look through the applications and recommend the top candidates to President Scott Hagan. The entire process is estimated to take several months.

After receiving the position of provost, Tucker and his wife, Karen, moved from Virginia to Minneapolis. Tucker is spending the first few months of this transitional period to work on a book manuscript, after which he will move forward with his professional life. He sent out a farewell letter to his colleagues, reminiscing on his years at North Central, and wishing the best to his colleagues as he goes down his new path. 

“Karen and I will carry with us fond memories of the friends we’ve gained, the wonderful times of fellowship, the numerous experiences of spiritual fervor and renewal, and the exciting vision for the future,” said Tucker.