NCU Opens a MultiCultural Center

Bill Green Discusses the new MultiCultural Center

For those returning to North Central University there may be a change in scenery when they walk by the Director of Multicultural Engagement Bill Green’s new office. The change of pace started with the vacancy of the office Director Green now resides in. This led to the birth of the Multicultural Engagement Services, that students will be able to use now in the Fall of 2019.

“I’m deeply aware that most of our students who come here are coming from very monolithic cultural experiences. They either grew up in the suburbs, or a small inner-city neighborhood so we say we’re preparing them to be models of leadership in the world. We have to start here,” said Director Green.” Unless you’re aware of your own cultural identity, it’s going to be difficult to navigate the larger community or even the world.”

Director Bill Green has been employed by North Central for four years and oversees the Multicultural organizations on campus. The idea behind the new multicultural room is to help bring awareness of multiculturalism as well as start the broader conversation of multiculturalism on campus.

Currently, the room is used by the multicultural organization Mosaic and its cultural affinity groups such as the Black Student Union, Asian Alliance, and the Latinos Unidos. Director Green is optimistic in his vision of seeing 15 to 20 students actively engaged in conversation outside of his office at the Multicultural Room. And with the influx of new students this year that vision is attainable.

“It’s becoming a hub, for conversations, but also an opportunity to broaden the conversation on how to become more culturally engaged and culturally competent,” said Director Green,” building a sense of common unity, but making sure we’re culturally aware of our unique identities. You don’t have to give up any of that, but you do need to understand.”

Director Green commented that students have been desiring a place such as this for a long time. In his thirty years of education, he knew that this room would be a benefit for the students of North Central. If staffing had been available the multicultural room would have been the classroom nearby instead.

For students who want to engage in the multicultural discussion, the doors of 230 Multicultural Engagement Services are open.