Students and Staff Gear Up for Annual Trunk or Treat Event

For the 25th Year, North Central hosts annual Halloween event on Elliot Avenue for neighboring kids and families

On Halloween night, Trunk or Treat begins.

For more than 25 years this event has brought a multicultural community of neighbors, students and staff onto the campus of North Central. Elliot Avenue will be blocked off from traffic for the event so kids in costumes can fill the street on Halloween, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Assistant dean of student engagement Isaac Proosdy said the event has become so popular that people would come year after year, even if they didn’t see an advertisement. People have come to rely on North Central hosting a family-friendly event that was safe for all ages.

As in the past few years, the event will be held on Elliot Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets. Students will be sharing free food and carnivalesque games for students and families. Instead of knocking on doors, kids will trick-or-treat from the trunks of several cars, decorated by teams from the floors of the residence halls.

Several staff members said they remembering their time as students taking part in the games. Both Proosdy and Carlson Hall resident director Chris Woelfle recalled participating in the event, back when it was held in the Clark-Danielson Gymnasium and didn’t have “trunk” in the name. 

Proosdy said student who want to get involved can still help prepare for the event. Donation boxes for candy are on campus, and one brother/sister floor will win a competition for donating the most candy for the upcoming festivities. In past years, the prize has been cash added to the winning floor’s funds.

Students can also ask their resident advisors for more ways to contribute.

Each year, the car decorations follow a certain theme. Last year the theme was kids’ cartoon shows, which had North Central students decorating their vehicles like Dora the Explorer, and Bob the Builder. For the latter, students actually covered a vehicle in wood and turned it into a construction vehicle.