NCU Installs New Card Readers

Card readers are installed and updated to improve functionality

Beginning in Spring 2019, students began to find that their ID cards weren’t working to unlock the outer doors of North Central University’s buildings. The issues with the card readers began in February and has continued into the fall  semester. 

The system that the readers used at the time was found to be old and outdated. This would cause them to go offline, refusing to unlock when an id card was scanned. The decision was made to update the technology and switch over to a new system. 

Security is managing the project and is working with Parallel Technologies to replace scanners and control panels. A new software is being installed from Genetac. The process is still ongoing and is scheduled to be completed any day.

Even when the project is completed, issues with the scanners may arise. The source of these problems is the extreme cold that Minnesota faces each winter. 

“In light of the seasonal gamut we experience and regular use of our doors year-round, there is always a possibility for problems to arise.” Jordan Robertson, executive director of operations said.

However, the new system in place is more agile and adaptive and will allow for faster troubleshooting so that the doors are back online. 

Miller Hall was the building that was affected the most. For most buildings, even if one door wasn’t working, there was an alternate entrance that would still work. 

“There are redundant entry systems if one door goes off line, but when both the front and south side entrances fail the frustration from our customers is increased.” Robertson said. “That unfortunately occurred last year on a couple of occasions during the spring and summer of 2019.”