Men and Women Golf Update

Looking at how both teams have improved over last year

The North Central University Men’s and Women’s golf teams are in full swing! Both teams look forward to competing in the upcoming UMAC championship which will be held in Becker, Minn. at Pebble Creek Golf Club on October 3rd thru 5th.

The Men’s team finished in 8th place overall at the UMAC championships last year. With a roster of six players this year, head coach Lon Flippo is hopeful in the direction their season will take. The Rams roster includes Isaac Wright, a freshman and new addition to the team this year, who is currently one of the top players in the conference. The team is also anchored by the leadership of seniors Ben Majerle and Donovan Morris. This season is Majerle and Morris’ 4th consecutive year with the golf team and they look forward to finishing their final year strong.

The Rams’ goal this season is to be extremely competitive in every round. They also hope to finish in the upper half of the conference.  Coach Flippo said “we have lowered our team average and are on track” to meeting that goal as the men finished 3rd out of six teams in their September 24th golf meet. 

The women’s team had a total of five players and placed 6th in the UMAC championships last year. This year, head coach Kristina Siemens, along with assistant coach Bekah Winkel, are excited to be coaching a total roster of three women this fall. Though they do not fulfill the four-person requirement for team scoring, they are hopeful to improve individually and as a team. Coach Siemens said,  “the improvements the girls have made from last year to this year have been tremendous. I am truly blown away by how much progress they’ve made in their games over a span of a year.” coach Siemen is also excited to see how her team performs at conference this year compared to last.

The women’s goals for this season has been to keep enjoying learning the sport of golf, and focusing on small wins and improvements. After having a building year last year, the lowering of scores this year have been evident and keep improving.

Even as the women do not have a full roster to be able to compete as a team at the UMAC championships, they are excited to compete individually and see their hard work pay off. 

“I can’t wait to see what conference has to hold both score wise, but also and more importantly for them as a team, and for their relationships with each other, the men’s team, and their opponents,” said coach Siemens.