Behind the scenes look into Worship Live’s new album

Behind the scenes look into Worship Live’s new album

A detailed insight on what went into the making of Worship Live’s Breath of Heaven album

Students of North Central University were given the opportunity earlier this semester to be part of the recording for the upcoming Worship live album “Breath of Heaven.” However, most students don’t know the countless hours that go into writing songs, finding musicians, producing the music, and the other work that it takes to make an album.

In an interview with Jeff Deyo, the worship arts specialist here at North Central,  the Northerner was able to find out how much time and work it takes to produce an album.

The process starts at what Jeff calls “creative fridays,” a space and time set out for any North Central student interested in songwriting, whether music majors or not can come and work with other students hoping to do the same.  These “creative fridays” are the driving force behind the songs for the worship live album, with some of the songs being written as far back as 2017.

After refining the songs into the best that they can be, they chose a time in chapel to set up all the gear necessary to record, and then for the next few days perform and record every part of the song. But even with the songs being performed and recorded live in chapel, there are some aspects of it that have to be redone in a studio. Once it’s back in the studio, they re-record anything that may have not sounded perfect live, sometimes a guitar, or piano but specifically they will re-record lead vocals.

“It’s very difficult to get a high quality vocal take while recording live,” said Deyo.

But, even with the touch ups that are done after the initial recording, most of the album that you hear will  truly be live.

Another unique aspect that comes with involving students in the process is how each album has a different sound.

North Central has done something distinct with the way they’ve chosen to produce these Worship live albums. Having students be the main part of this albums song writing gives insight into the heart of North Central’s community. It would potentially be easier and less time consuming to bring in people who do this for a living, but it would also sacrifice the North Central community’s unique voice. The main audience of this album is going to be North Central students after all, and even the students who weren’t up on stage or behind the scenes writing made this album possible, and if they showed up to chapel on the days they recorded then they’ll be on the album too, since they also had crowd mics recording during the songs to include the congregation.

As of right now there is no official release date, but the hope is to have it ready by late May or early June, with the live videos taken in chapel to follow in the coming months.