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Students travel to California and New Orleans to street evangelize

The Co-Missions New Orleans team spent six days of spring break doing street ministry during Mardi Gras. Wednesday, March 6, 2019 the team went sightseeing just before they got back in the vans to head back to school. Listed below are the students who were a part of the New Orlean’s team.

[Photographer: Ashley Nerat]

Row 1: Erika Drake, Christa Sievers
Row 2: Peneal Tiruneh, Cassidy Trotter, Eden Crump, Jamie Meyer, Jessica Tropser, Kaitlyn O’Connor, Valentia López
Row 3: Julius Hernandez, Britton Peterson, Professor Adam Sikorski, Geogana Ritter, Max Vasilchuk, Colton Best, Lindsey Semrau, Payge Pieper, Josh Loomis

As the Spring Break nears, Co:Mission students get ready to embark on two missions trips. The two groups plan to touch down in California and New Orleans. In California the team will be led by Senior Marketing Major Alex Kingson, while the team in New Orleans will be led by Seth McMullen, Cassidy Trotter, and Professor Sikorski.

“[Co:Mission] is an organization that seeks to empower students to be more than students. We seek to build sustainable, long lasting relations across the globe through short-term missions trips,” a statement taken from their Facebook page.  The goal of CO:Mission is to do “holistic short term missions” to help the church or organizations with already strong foundations within the communities. Students who go will help cement the relationship between the local church and the greater community.

This year CO:Mission plans on sending a group to Haiti for a week. This team will be led by Director Jenna Donavon, a sophomore intercultural studies major. The trip to the Philippines has been cancelled this year due to varying circumstances.

Since her junior year in high school Donavon has had a heart for missions.

“You walk out onto the street, and you can tangibly feel the presence of darkness… People are trying to fill a void only God can fill.” said Donavon when reflecting upon her Mardi Gras trip last year.

She spoke about a young boy who had dreams where the devil would visit him. She was thankful to CO:Mission for being able to breathe life and talk about “a superhero named Jesus.” This is something those on a CO:Mission trip may experience in the field. For Director Donavon, this was the most prolific moment she experienced in Mardi Gras on the mission.

A basic day for the field team at Mardi Gras began with team devotions, followed by lessons on improving street ministry skills at the partner church. They then attended a service and experienced New Orleans cuisine. Next the team did street ministry.

Mardi Gras started March 5 and lasted until Ash Wednesday, which is always 47 days before Easter.

The L.A. Dream Center team will be a bit different. The days started off with devotions.  Throughout the week they held dodgeball and kickball games with inner city kids as well as traversed Skid Row while interacting with the people there.

Since 1995, the L.A. Dream Center has served the community by reaching those in need. Their website lists the number of those poverty stricken, abused, and wrought by addiction. These numbers range from 48,000 to over 60,000 individuals in need of help. They have been able to give half a million pounds of food to around 34 distribution sites every month.

“Everyone can do missions,” said Donavon, “CO:Mission is a safe place to start that.”