Looking for Love? A Guide to Dating at North Central

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By Rebecca Fuller

Worship Leading major Michael Johnson and Social Work major Lauren Heath pose as a couple for a photo-shoot. The photo-shoot included going around campus to the “famous couple” spots.
[Photographer: Kaylea Whitwam]

Spring is right around the corner and here at North Central University, and love is in the air.

Accompanying this special season are a variety of feelings—excitement, confusion, loneliness—and possibly desperation as some may be wondering, “how in the world do I get a date?” This article should contain the ultimate answer to that question. Outlined below are several practical tips on how to date at North Central and a general outline of what to be focusing on to truly become your most dateable self this 2019.

When entering the dating world, it is often difficult to gauge the opposite gender’s feelings or expectations about dating. This can result in confusion and miscommunication. Who wouldn’t want to know what the opposite gender looks for and values in a relationship? A random survey was passed out to a number of students (guys and girls) and the results, alongside information from other sources, can help provide a framework for dating at North Central.

Guys, this section is for you. North Central girls have indicated that some of the most important characteristics in a man include communication skills and personality. Some girls have spoken of wanting men who are confident and goofy, but who are also able to lead a relationship spiritually and emotionally. Communication is tough sometimes, but learning to be vulnerable and knowing when to just sit and listen are important skills.

Girls like bear hugs, laughs, and borrowed hoodies but also want honesty and genuine conversations. They like when you play with their hair — learn how to do a sick French braid and you’ll gain some extra cool-boyfriend points. Parkour ability and agility are pretty high up there for girls, but personality and communication skills ultimately outweigh those traits.

For gifts, consider going beyond the chocolate and flowers. Although these are nice expressions of affection, personalized gifts such as written notes, art, or poetry may mean more to her.

Listen up girls, it’s your turn. According to the survey and other sources, personality and communication skills are also most important to guys. Your dazzling smile will surely win his heart — confidence in yourself and passion about what you enjoy is attractive to guys. Yes, style was pretty high up there as well which makes perfect sense for a hipster-esque college like North Central.

Boys like when you put your head on their shoulder and when you laugh at their jokes — not the dumb ones though, don’t humor them. Let them play with your hair and exchange shoulder rubs, or or lend them your scrunchies and write them notes.

On a serious note, (this goes for the guys too) being true to who you are, and being comfortable in your own skin is something that is so very important for yourself and whoever you are dating. Don’t feel the need to alter your personality or passions for another person as this will always end poorly. Of course, if you are not in a place to date, don’t let any environmental factors pressure you into dating too early or even at all while in college. There is absolutely no timeline.

If interested, there are many ways to take a first step in expressing your feelings for that special someone on campus. It could be telling them plainly or, more discreetly, by slipping them a note or participating in Senate’s yearly Crush for Your Crush. The hope is that this article pushed you in the right direction and gave you a little head start upon entering the world of dating.