Bullet Found Shot Through Window of T.J. Jones Library

Home News Bullet Found Shot Through Window of T.J. Jones Library

Source and Motive of Gunshot Unclear

A North Central housekeeping crew discovered a bullet in the wall of T.J. Jones library room before the start of the Spring 2019 semester. The bullet had traveled through a second story window and was lodged into the wall.

Housekeeping workers Weston Cregut and Jesse Casavant first found the bullet Jan. 4 around 8:30 a.m. after entering the building to empty trash bags and clean bathrooms.

When the bullet originally penetrated the window and wall of T.J. and where it came from is uncertain. Cregut speculated that it may have come across 10th Avenue, the direction of neighboring Augustana Health Care Center, based on the trajectory the bullet took through the window and into the wall.

The bullet may have been lodged in the wall for several days before being discovered, since the campus was largely vacated over winter break.

Why the gun was fired in the first place is still unclear as well.

“I reported it to [housekeeping supervisor] Ashley Hershberger, and after it was reported it to security,” Cregut told the Northerner. “The cops never got involved since it was found so long after happening.”