Assistant Athletic Director Says Goodbye After 12 Years at North Central University

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Allison Meadows leaves North Central University for Concordia University

Allison Meadows said goodbye to North Central on Friday, Jan. 11, after working for 12 years as Associate Athletic Director and Senior Woman Administrator. Meadows was hired mid-December at Concordia University, located in St. Paul, Minnesota as a Division II Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Senior Woman Administrator.

Allison Meadows spent a total of 16 years at NCU: Four years as a student and 12 years as an employee. As an Alumni and employee, Meadows states NCU always felt like home.

“North Central had been my home for over 16 years, [and] while I love NCU and always will, my family has felt the pull to serve in another place. The decision was not easy and I truly believe and hope that great things are on the horizon for NCU, but it was time for me to explore other possibilities and avenues for the work I feel called to do,” said Meadows.

According to Concordia University’s website, Athletic Director Regan McAthie was excited for her to join their team.

“Allison comes to us with many years of experience, both in compliance and in the SWA role,” said McAthie. “Her expertise and commitment to the student-athlete experience make her an excellent addition to our administrative team and we’re excited for her to join us.”’

NCU’s Athletics’ Department has taken Allison’s position and delegated her duties as Associate Athletic Director and Compliance Officer to other employees in the athletics administration.

Assistant Athletic’s Communication Director and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Knipe has taken on being the interim Compliance Officer since Meadows left. According to Knipe, the Athletics Department has not hired anyone yet.

“Athletics as a whole is still putting together what it is they are looking for,” said Knipe.

Knipe is determined to be sure NCU’s institutional compliance remains in good standing.

“In the meantime we want to continue to stay violation free in terms of NCAA and institutional compliance and we want to focus on continued education for coaches and students in the areas of NCAA and institutional compliance,” said Knipe.

Knipe leaves a final goodbye to Meadows saying, “Allison was excellent at her job, I am excited for her to be at Concordia St. Paul, I think she will do great there.”