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Results Showed Upsets in Both National and State Levels of Government

By Weston Cregut

Nov. 6 came and went with much news and activity. Nationally, both Democrats and Republicans made gains in Congress and had some shake up with governor balance. Minnesota also made a 100-year first with its state Congress.

The national positions in Minnesota and the state positions in District 5 were all won out by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party against Republican challengers. Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan (DFL) won the governorship by a margin of 7 percent over Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom (GOP). Flanagan made history by being the first Native American to be elected to Lieutenant Governor, according to Fox 9. Both Senate seats remained DFL with Tina Smith winning Al Franken’s seat over Karin Housley by a 10 percent differential, and Amy Klobuchar won reelection to her seat over challenger Jim Newberger by a 24 percent gap. Ilhan Omar (DFL), the first Somali-American to serve in Congress, won by a landslide over opposition Jennifer Zielinski (GOP) to take over the U.S. Representative seat for District 5, which was previously held by Keith Ellison (DFL). Ellison won the Attorney General race against Doug Wardlow (GOP) by just under 4 percent.

        Statewide, Minnesota split control of its legislature with a Republican majority in the state Senate and a DFL majority in the state House. Minnesota is the only state in the nation to have a split legislature right now. This is only the second time a state in the Union has had a split legislature like this. The first time was Montana in 1914, according to Fox 9.

        Nationally, Democrats have retaken the U.S. House by flipping more than 23 seats to gain a majority of 235 to 199. The Republicans have remained the majority in the Senate, gaining two seats to put them at 53 to 47. Eight Governorships across U.S. have flipped: one Democrat to Republican, and seven Republican to Democrat. Regardless, the majority remains Republican.

All numbers for races in Minnesota are provided by Fox 9, and national numbers are from CNN.