North Central Implements New Grading Scale

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Plus-Minus Grade System Beginning Fall 2018

By Westin Cregut

Starting this fall 2018 semester, North Central has implemented a new plus-minus grade scale for classes to abide by.

The new grading scale splits each letter grade into different tiers, to include pluses and minuses. The tiers give students more possibilities to raise their GPA with their letter grade as well. For instance, an 87 to 89.9 percent will give a student a B+ instead of a B. This would equate to a GPA of 3.4 instead of 3.

A glance over the new grading system will reveal both a potential benefit and downfall of the scale. It will be harder to maintain a 4.0 GPA since an A only occurs from 93 to 100 percent and from 90 to 92.9 percent is an A-, which awards a 3.7 not a 4.0. This makes it easier to maintain a higher GPA since each letter grade is no longer a whole numerical average below the next. For example, this system will give a B average student the possibly to have a better GPA as a result.

The new grading scale will take getting used to. While it may be seen as a hindrance to students with higher GPAs, it may help other students raise their average grade.