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How New ERP Affects 2018 Fall Graduates

By Ross Miltimore 

Unlike previous academic years, fall 2018 graduates will not have a walking ceremony this December. Instead they must join spring semester graduates if they want to participate in the ceremony. Whether they walk or not will not affect their graduation status.

According to Dr. Don Tucker, head of academic affairs, there will be 53 students graduating this fall semester. There will be 51 undergraduate and two graduate students. This is an increase from last year’s fall graduation.

“The reason we are not having a fall graduation this semester is because of the time-intensive process of implementing our new ERP (enterprise resource planning) called Colleague” Dr. Tucker said, “We did not have the bandwidth to execute a graduation in addition to Colleague.”

Once Colleague is implemented, requests for GPA average, majors, and names of a graduating class will all be automated. During this time, the Registrar’s office will be learning and implementing the new system. This will result in an increased workload for the office.

There are many factors why a student might graduate in the fall semester. Although most students go straight to college after high school, some take a break, work, or travel. Other students may transfer from another school or change their major.

Some students arrive to school with credits already completed through programs like Advanced Placement (AP) and Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO). This is the case for fall graduate Danielle Detlie. She arrived at North Central with enough credits finished through PSEO to graduate a semester early.

“I took classes at a local community college, and even though not all of the credits transferred to NCU, there was enough to get me ahead by a semester,” Detlie said. “I was a bit upset about no December graduation because I did not like the idea of having to wait six months to have the ceremony.”

Detlie plans to pay off school debt while continuing her internship at River Valley Church and looking for a youth pastor job in the meantime.