Worship Arts Specialist Jeff Deyo Releases New Book

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By Jordan Aker

Jeff Deyo, worship arts specialist at North Central released his first book, “Awakening Pure Worship,” on Sept 18. Aside from being an instructor and newfound author, Deyo is a worship pastor at Celebration Church in Lakeville, Min­nesota. He is also a recording artist, songwriter, and speaker. He is most known for being the former lead singer of the award-winning Chris­tian band Sonicflood and for his lead­ing role in the 2008 movie “The Imposter.”

The overall concept of the book stemmed from the phrase, “We are called to an everlasting pre­occupation with God” Deyo said. “Imagine if we were so preoccupied with our relationship with God that we forgot to be worried, stressed, or forgot to fear” Deyo said. This completely al­tered Deyo’s perspective. He realized that worship is more about our rela­tionship with God than solely music. “Awakening Pure Worship” also re­volves around Psalm 27:8, “My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘Lord I am coming.’” According to Deyo, this is the key that unlocks the book.

Growing up, Deyo held the men­tality that religious activities were his ticket to heaven. He saw them as an obligation. However, Deyo’s perspective shifted when he real­ized that “Worship and relation­ship with God is an invitation, not an obligation.” The book explores Deyo’s personal endeavors of wor­ship and encourages readers to in­dulge in pure worship in order to develop a next-level relationship and friendship with the heavenly Father.

“Awakening Pure Worship” is published by Destiny Image publishers, which is dedicated to publishing biblically sound, prophetic words to the Body of Christ.

The book di­rectly confronts the motives of the devil, which are restricting believ­ers from awakened worship. Ac­cording to Deyo, “There are some incredibly deep and difficult things to digest, but the way it is present­ed is very conversational and down to earth.” Deyo challenges readers, “How will you respond to the in­vitation that God has given us?”

“Awaking Pure Worship” is avail­able for purchase through Am­azon, Barnes and Noble, and a select number of copies are also being sold at the campus bookstore.