Homecoming: Third annual at North Central University

Homecoming ‘Week’ in Review

By Gabrielle Carik

Third annual NCU Homecoming 2019  brought an array of festivities and school spirit came to North Central. Homecoming at North Central consists of NCU’s Got Talent, The Social, a tailgate before the homecoming soccer and volleyball games, and the Royal Court Competition.

The annual NCU’s Got Talent was hosted Friday night in the Lindquist Sanctuary with a total of eight acts including a spoken word and an original monologue. This year, rather than having alumni compete as well, all the contestants were current students. Taking first place, Sophomore Social Work major Arianna Durden wowed the judges with her original spoken word.

“My dad is the one that pushed me to do it,” Durden said. Her dad was not the only one who encouraged her. “My best friend Taylor actually started to write my name down on the sign up list because I wasn’t going to,” Durden said, “Honestly, I didn’t ex­pect it; I did it out of the fun of it. These were the words that God gave me, and I just wanted to share it with everyone, so winning wasn’t really a thing I was thinking about ever.”

Immediately following NCU’s Got Talent, North Central hosted The Social, a party packed with alumni, students, and their families. The Social has already improved greatly since last year. “This year feels like more,” Aimee Robertson, who coordi­nated The Social, said. The “more” she referred to was not only people, but also the variety of vendors, food, and games, which were doubled this year and included coffee, pretzels, mini doughnuts, photo booths, and carni­val games. “We didn’t have [home­coming] for years,” Robertson said. “We are trying to retrain both our alumni to come back … and teach­ing the current students to come back to homecoming as alumni.”

Saturday brought even more events as everyone cheered on the soccer and volleyball teams after enjoying a tailgate party that included classic cars, walking tacos, hot dogs, and more. This year was also the second year that the Student Activities Commit­tee held the Royal Court Competition. Each bro-sis floor nominated a can­didate team for king and queen who were tasked with bringing the most school spirit in 90 seconds. Through the chilly wind, every team brought laughs, energy, and originality into their skits. Freshman Josh Loomis from Carlson 3 East and Freshman Raegan Vegh from Phillipps 4 West were crowned Homecoming king and queen. Their skit was based on a Saturday Night Live short Loomis had seen earlier this year. “He saw [it and thought it] would be perfect, so I was just along for the ride” Vegh said. Both Loomis and Vegh were surprised that they were crowned victors, commented “[we] did not expect that whatsoev­er, but we had a lot of fun doing it.”

Through the cold wind, generations of North Central students and alumni gathered to cheer on the soccer teams in their games against Crown College. They cheered for the men’s team through the loss, and celebrated with the women through the victory.