A snowy softball season comes to a close

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Rams Softball games get postponed due to weather

NCU throw back to Amanda Roth waiting for a potential infield play. Photo by Trey Meadows

Mother nature had different plans for spring sports this year. The North Central Women’s Softball team has endured cold temperatures and snow this season. Many of the games that were supposed to be played in Minnesota were canceled due to the weather, moving the team to Wisconsin for a weekend to play a game on a field without snow.

“We had to play in domes instead of on the fields and the domes have different rules that are more frustrating,” Lexy Redenbaugh, junior outfielder said. “We also had to practice in the North Central gym which is just not the same as a real, outdoor softball field.”

The North Central softball team has won seven out of 24 games, including the spring break games in Florida, where they won five games. In mid-April, the team played eight games instead of four that were originally scheduled due to games being postponed.

I think the team did well responding to the very volatile schedule. It is hard to be prepared for so many different types of surfaces, but I believe the team did well,” Coach Allison Meadows said. “There are some things that are especially challenging such as playing under a roof, which means that any fair ball that hits the ceiling is an out.”

Due to the weather in Minnesota, the women had to make up games and travel to fields out of state, which caused them to miss classes and keep up with their homework while in the van on the way to games.

“It was challenging and overwhelming at times,” freshman Emma Bushey said. “But our team is academically responsible and our professors were willing to work with our schedules, so we managed to get things done.”

Meadows said that through all the chaos of the season, senior Amanda Roth made a huge difference for the team, both athletically and spiritually.

“Amanda Roth has been solid offensively, leading the team in hits, in runs and extra base hits, as well as defensively at shortstop,” Meadows said.

The last game of the softball season was Saturday, April 28, against the University of Northwestern Eagles at the Eagles’ home.