New deans selected for next year

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New deans selected for next year

North Central names new deans to further the success of college departments

As the spring semester is coming to a close, North Central announced the new structure of colleges with new department heads through Skyline. As changes began to happen in the College of Arts and Sciences with the pending retirement of Ron Jewett, PhD., other changes to the North Central’s academic structure are being made for next year.

With the many changes that have occurred at North Central the past few years, various faculty have been holding more than one title to help make all the transitions go smoothly. Provost Don Tucker, Ed.d., felt that solidifying the department deans would create a new path to success.

“Enrollment and workload are balanced in this new model,” Tucker said. “Our deans will have the structure they need to succeed as they lead with excellence in academics.”

Changes are as follows:

-College of Arts and Science dean is, Desiree Libengood, Ed.d., the assistant professor of English.
-College of Business and Technology dean is, William Tibbetts, MBA, the former director of the previously named School of Business.
-College of Church Leadership dean is, Allen Tennison, Ph.D., the professor of Theology.
-College of Fine Arts dean will continue to be, Larry Bach, M.M.

All changes will be effective beginning June 1, 2018.