Urban Jungle Outfitters co-owned by North Central student

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Urban Jungle Outfitters co-owned by North Central student
Urban Jungle
Uziel Romero, North Central Senior, opens a vintage clothing store on Washington Ave. Photo by Zach Lemmon.


Senior music production major, Uziel Romero is the co-owner of the new vintage clothing store Urban Jungle. Urban Jungle is a clothing store that sells 80s, 90s, and 2000s shirts, jackets and shoes. The store on South Washington Ave., just a few blocks away from North Central.  The 22-year-old student entrepreneur has made a living off of thrifting for a couple of years now.  

“A big motivation for thrifting started when I realized how wasteful people can be,” Romero said. “A lot of the items I find some people may see as just throw away clothes without even realizing the value to the item.”  

The idea for Urban Jungle started when Romero and other thrifters met while searching for hidden treasures at second-hand stores.  

“[We] pretty much all would start seeing each other at different thrift stores and started becoming friends,” Romero said. 

This group of new-found thrift shop friends collectively came up with the idea of opening a store front to sell the merchandise they found while thrifting.   

The store opened December 2, 2017, and has already grown into a successful business. Urban Jungle offers an opportunity for millennials to be a part of both an era that came before them and an upcoming trend. The store sells a full line of Tommy Hilfiger, Supreme, Champion, Ralph Lauren, Vintage Nike, Adidas and other old-school tees.  

The owners stay up on trends in order to stay stocked on wanted items. Urban Jungle will also buy, sell, or trade vintage items.  

This store allows customers to stay stylish and affordable and offers a fun upbeat environment.