Track team sprints into outdoor season

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Team is optimistic for this next season

By Allison Crump and Grace Kahnke
Women’s track practices inside to get ready for the outdoor portion of their season. Photo by Allison Crump.

North Central’s Track and Field team is on hiatus between their indoor and outdoor seasons. Grahm Johnson won his third career UMAC event title in shot put after throws of 13.87 m, 14.28 m, 14.76 m and 15.47 m before hiatus. 

During the outdoor season Johnson throws discus and shot put.  Johnson has the opportunity to participate in both the NCCAA and NCAA Division 3 National competitions. Johnson needs to be in the top 25 of Division III athletes to participate in the NCAA Nationals. 

“Grahm has a lot of talent and continually breaks his own records,” Trey Meadows, track and field coach, said. “He is very humble and could honestly be a Division 1 player.”  

Meadows and Johnson’s goals for the season are to make the NCAA National competition for the season which is May 24-26 located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.    

“I thought it [indoor season] went well.  I think there is more that I can improve on.  I was expecting more competition,” Johnson said. 

Johnson’s goal is to continue to break his own records during the outdoor season and to make it to nationals. 

Meadows said that Johnson could have gone to a number of Division I schools. Even though Johnson received an offer from the University of Minnesota he said he felt God calling him to North Central. “There are more important things than just throwing heavy things…I’ll only be doing this for a few years, but the things that I learn here [at North Central] can be used for my entire life in a career that I want to do,” Johnson said. 

During the indoor season, the women’s team did not participate in events, but still practiced working toward their events for the outdoor season.  This season, Ram’s fans can expect to see Raen Barcelon, Bri Griffin and Victoria Vote running mid-distance and hurdles. Natasha George, Jazmine Sales and Rachel Beckman will be throwing shot put, discus and hammer.   

Meadows says that they are very passionate about their events and some were even willing to step out and try a new event. 

“[The] overall goal for this season is to score as many points as we can at the UMAC championship, then there is a potential for some women to make finals,” Meadows said.