Starbucks comes to North Central

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North Central plans to soon begin construction for a new Starbucks coffee station inside the lower atrium 

By Roger Busse

North Central will soon own and operate its very own Starbucks inside the lower-atrium after an agreement was arranged with Pioneer College Caterers. The coffee station is expected to be operational before the end of the semester. 

Jan Haas, interim chief financial officer, said the Starbucks will be located on the north side of the lower-atrium where a seating area is currently located. He said the location is a hotspot for foot traffic and has been used as a location for concessions when for events.  

Haas said the space is used as hang out spot for students and is mindful of the typical student’s financial situation.  

“The NCU Flex card will be able to purchase products at the new coffee kiosk,” Haas said in an email. 

“We’re hoping to have it in place before the end of the academic year,” Haas said. “But we’re dependent on manufacturers.” 

A combination of both food and drinks will be offered, according to Haas. 

“It wouldn’t necessarily parallel a Starbucks downtown, it may not have all the same new product offerings that come out, so it’ll be a more standardized menu,” Haas said. 

Haas explained that Pioneer College Caterer’s, North Central’s food provider, has a relationship with Starbucks.  

“We learned that Pioneer has this relationship and we thought it would be something that would be beneficial to students, faculty and staff, and guests of the university. We really saw it as a win-win-win,” Haas said. 

Pioneer College Caterers will provide the primary source of funds for the project as part of agreements to extend their contract relationship with North Central. The rest of the project’s cost will be covered by the university. Haas said when President Scott Hagan began to dream of having a Starbucks on campus, Pioneer College Caterer’s affirmed the viability of the idea. 

The coffee station’s opening and closing hours are still unknown. Haas explained that after preliminary times are decided, testing will be done to determine the most appropriate hours of operation. Haas said he imagines effort may be made to coordinate hours with the times of events in the gym and Lindquist Sanctuary. 

The installation will be operated by Pioneer College Caterers personnel, including North Central students. 

North Central students have been asked to help decide the name of the location. Visit to make your voice heard.