Rams look to build off of Arizona losses

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A trip south sparks hope for a monumental season 

North Central Baseball team. Spring Break Training 2018. Photo provided by Cory Kukkola. 

The Rams’ 2018 baseball season is underway following a stretch of preseason games in Arizona. During their time in Arizona the Rams lost each of their seven games. 

In the Rams’ first game they lost 34-6 to Gustavus Adolphus.  The game was ended early due to the ten-run rule.  The Rams next outing left them losing only 8-1, to the same team. 

“Our first games were their last games,” Tate Andrews, junior infielder, said. 

Andrews said he credits some of the Ram’s poor performance due to rustiness. 

The Rams virtually had no outdoor practice time due to the Minnesota’s winter weather before heading down south for their first competition of the season, leaving outfielders without a chance to see a real fly ball before their first pre-game warmup. 

Five errors in the first game contributed exponentially to the Rams’ 28 run loss.  

“Our outfielders had a really hard time tracking fly balls,” Andrews said. “There were some crucial errors made that did not go over well.” 

The Rams managed to work through their rustiness by day two, putting up three runs in the bottom of the ninth against the Wheaton Thunder and falling just one run short of forcing extra innings.  Every team we played was a very high caliber team,” Andrews said. “It’s helpful to watch good players play the game.”  

The Rams lost the rest of their games in Arizona by five or more runs, the trip was far from a waste of time, Andrews said. Aside from working through their rustiness, the Rams gained valuable experience. 

The Rams used their competition in Arizona to reflect upon their own potential and gauge how far away they are from where they want to be.  

“It’s good to play against great teams so we can see how far off we are,” Andrews said. 

The losses in Arizona will serve as nothing but motivation as the Rams move into their regular season. Their lack of success so far seems to be no indication of what’s to come, according to Andrews “We have one goal in mind and that’s to make playoffs,” Andrews said. “It’s never been done before in the history of the program and I think we’re going to do it.”