North Central tennis begins the season against St. Mary’s

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North Central tennis begins the season against St. Mary’s

A rocky start to the season sets goals for the end

North Central’s tennis team gets served a rocky start. Photos by Jenna Willenbring.


Rams tennis began their season Fri. March 16 against St. Mary’s Red Cardinals. The Rams lost the match 9-0. 

North Central’s Noah Ramsby and Judah Smith against St. Mary’s Brenden Amiottee and Bobby Tiedeman started for the men’s team. Playing the first match to 8 games was not enough for Ramsby and Smith to pull through losing 8-0. Both North Central players made a bit of a comeback in singles. 

The women starting out for doubles were North Central’s Madalyn Meetz and Sierra Hunter and St. Mary’s Cassandra Barr and Julia Boeve. They eventually lost 8-0. 

North Central freshman Micah Peterson squared off against St. Mary’s Brenden Amiotte giving him a run for his racket. Starting off the singles competition, Peterson served and Amiotte returned. Peterson hit it to the far left looking to win the point, but Amoitte returned it to the back of the court for the win. Amiotte won 6-0 for both sets.  

North Central sophomore Rodrigo de Mendoza played a hard singles match against St. Mary’s Robbie Sobczak with strong serves and quick returns. Sobczak seemed to be able to return Mendoza’s serves with a hit to one of the far corners. It wasn’t quite enough to win the match with Mendoza losing his two sets 6-0. 

North Central sophomore Nicole Swanson played a competitive singles game against St. Mary’s Sheyenne Bauer. She started off strong and ended with the first set winning two games but losing 6-2. Swanson made a comeback in her second match with a good amount of returns to her opponent, but lost 6-1.  

“This was a very frustrating match, the girl I played was really good and her serves were very hard. Though it was fun to watch everyone else on the court finally,” Linnea Madsen, a senior third-year tennis player, said.